A mindfulness-inspired brunch, offering guests the chance to re-consider eating habits and environments. Breakfast foods were picked apart into ingredients, and each guest was invited on a guided eating meditation. In collaboration with Katie Johnston. 2016

Stools and table designed by Blaise Chatelain and Guillaume Chuard. +

As guests arrived, we placed a blindfold around their eyes and guided them to their seats. In the following 10mins, everyone would be guided through an eating meditation: tasting, ingredient by ingredient, a cosy breakfast porridge, one bite at a time.

Once the session was finished, we asked everyone to remove their blindfolds and discussed the flavours, textures and memories it evoked. It was interesting to see how so many people were reminded of home, their mums and special pastries or cakes they used to have as children. I guess porridge has a very homely and warming qualities, and so may rituals attached to it… At this point, the atmosphere was very calm and slow, as we shared our thoughts.

Following the meditative tasting, with the help of Katie, I served up a warm cinnamon porridge made with rice milk and lemon zest, and offered a variety of toppings: raspberries, yogurt, banana, nut butter, jam and maple syrup.



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